Successful businesses are driven by Process!

The KnowledgeBridge Visual Training Platform for the Enterprise delivers structure, formalize, deliver, assess, measure Training 24x7.

The Difference Between Efficient And Obsolete

With the shift from an industrial economy into a knowledge driven era, processes and systems within enterprises have grown in size and complexity.

From business processes to engineering expertise, from consumer education to support services, from compliance and law to health and safety issues, process drives all organizational activity today.

Every worker needs to understand and align with new technology and management tools to be efficient and effective in the organization.

As a result, training needs in organizations have multiplied. Intelligible, structured, effective and continuous training is the difference between an efficient, profitable enterprise and an outmoded organization.

Key Areas of Enterprise Training

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Business Processes, Task Delegation, Workflow Management, Information Systems, Engineering processes and safety norms constitute a small portion of the complex flow and structure of knowledge required today across organizations.

Today's enterprise is driven by process. And training people to use systems and processes optimally is a key requirement for organizational success.

User-Support is expensive. As products grow more useful and expand in features, they also become more complex. A large part of organizational effort and expense goes into supporting the customer through call centers, engineers and service personnel.

Effective customer self-support training adds to the bottom line by reducing support costs. It also creates empowered and happy customers. Customer self support is a win-win for all organizations, whether B2B or B2C.

For customer-experience and repeat business, there is no avoiding after-sales service and support by technicians and engineers. Engineers, L1 and L2 Technicians, who handle complaints and service requests, in turn, need accurate and up-to-date information about the internals of all products and processes.

Current, relevant and always-on technical service training is the only remedy that ensures that support teams can keep existing customers happy in a consumer-driven world.

Customer Speak

The KnowledgeBridge Solution

KnowledgeBridge Enterprise Training Platform is a Visual Training Framework which uses video to deliver training in complex processes, customer self-support and after-sales technical support. The interface is based on research on cognitive processes, and uses Spaced repetition, assessments, and deliberate practice to ensure comprehension and retention.

It structures large volumes of training content into organized, logical units for easy uptake, and comes with assessments and analytics, making it a complete training solution.

The patented, multilingual interface is built from the ground up to deliver customized training content. It also utilizes existing training assets such as Powerpoint Presentations, Market research reports, product comparison data, surveys and customer testimonials, to deliver effective training. All data such as specifications, diagrams and images are available at the touch of a button.

It is a robust platform, available 24x7 both on the web as well as on mobile devices and is capable of serving the needs of large organizations with thousands of users.

KnowledgeBridge, with its visual emphasis, is the ideal Process Training Platform. No matter how intricate, complex or elaborate the process, video based visual instructions can explain concepts clearly and unambiguously.

Repairs and maintenance such as in automobiles, electronics, and other areas of engineering are clearly demonstrated through video manuals. Knowledgebridge video training modules thus fulfill the needs of L1, L2 and other technical training perfectly.

Video User Guides from KnowledgeBridge are also an excellent way to enable customers to use products optimally. These guides demonstrate the operation of products in zero-ambiguity, step-by-step, bite-sized tutorials, clearly and succinctly, so that users can take full advantage of products without having to call for support.

  • multilingualIts Multilingual by Architecture - Once the lessons are created the Knowledge Bridge interface allows layering of multiple languages to make the lessons available to various part of the country or the world ensuring effective understanding.

  • video + textIts Video + Text - The Knowledge Bridge interface has the transcript available along side the video to help multi sensory learning. Pause and read as the relevant portion of text is highlighted automatically as the script scroll keeping pace with the video. Helpful summary is availabe right below the video window for a quick glance at unfamiliar terms and text while watching the video.

  • linked textIts Linked - Knowledge Bridge allows lessons to be linked to a vast resource base in multiple formats. Background information or underlying processes were never as easy to link at the right point in a lesson.

  • step driven throughIts Step driven - Knowledge Bridge methodology strips all extra material from a process and reconfigures it into Steps. Each step begins where the previous Step ended ensuring there is no gap in knowledge transfer or understanding.

  • replayIts built for Review - Within a lesson it is easy to identify and re-watch / re-learn a single Step. Simply click on the relevant portion of the text in the Transcript Window or the Step marker in the video Timeline.

  • other featuresThere are a host of other features that make Knowledge Bridge the easiest learning interface in the world. Come experience how Knowledge Bridge can change the way you teach your customers about your product and services and train your employees to effectively deliver the organisation’s goals.

Core Strengths


Visual Training Platform

Training Platform to deliver Video and other visual media.

KnowledgeBridge Enterprise Training Platform is a visual Training Platform built to play back customized Visual training materials such as Video, slides, images, presentations, pdfs, besides text and excel sheets, seamlessly within its Patented user interface.



Platform can deliver all training in multiple languages.

The platform is fully multilingual. The same training can be delivered in multiple languages, cutting across States and Geographies.


Web + Mobile App

Web 2.0 platform available 24x7 on desktops and devices.

The platform is fully mobile enabled. All courses, once created, are available on mobile phones through a dedicated app. Access to training material, as well as important data and documents are therefore ensured even in the field and at remote locations.


Assessments & Analytics

Tests and Examinations continuously monitor uptake and retention.

Continuous testing and analysis is built into the KnowledgeBridge platform. It allows departments to accurately assess the status of the organization’s training objectives. Tests can be administered to individuals or groups and at subject, product, or module levels. Results can be viewed at granular detail for individuals, departments and geographies.


Cognitive Process

Built with cognitive capability and processes in mind, to aid learning.

Extensive research into learning processes and cognition technologies went into the development of KnowledgeBridge and its tools and features. Factors such as direct attention, attention spans, mental loads, retention and creation of long-term memory have been taken into account to create the KnowledgeBridge Visual Training Platform.


Empowering Organizations



KnowledgeBridge Content and Managed Services

Customized Training Content Creation

Workshop to e-Training

PPT to Movie

Customer testimonials and case studies

Product Videos

Customized Training Content Creation

We create customized training content for a diverse range of industries. We have a long and varied experience with many large multinational organizations.

We specialize in creating customized training content that accrues long term returns as core visual instruction. Our long and varied experience with multinational brands such as Tata, Mahindra, Citibank, Pearson, Whirlpool, Toyota, SQS (Thinksoft), Consul Neowatt, Syngenta, Flipkart, Homelane amongst others, gives us the edge in visual content development and deployment.

Our in-house domain knowledge extends from automobiles to electronics, from safety procedures to compliance processes, from software to agriculture, and a host of other application areas including eCommerce. Most important, though, is that we work with Subject Matter Experts on any topic, to create top notch e-Training content customized to suit your needs.

Workshop to e-Training

We convert one-time Instructor Led Training to full fledged Training Modules that can be used perpetually.

Instructor Led Training Sessions are conducted by organizations to fill in skillset gaps or to enhance knowledge and efficiency of participants. However, the returns on such expensive training programs are very low, especially over longer durations. Limited course time, disengagement with subject once the session is over, and lack of long-term engagement results in a loss of knowledge, resources and time. Once the training programme is over, the lesson is for ever gone.

KnowldegeBridge can capture the training programme in its entirety, and repurpose it for the organisations training repository. Available 24x7 participants can go back to it and refer to it any time from any device. Training can thus provide returns over long periods of time and enhance effectivity of enterprise training strategies.t.

Full fledged training modules can also be created from the basic training session material, by enhancing the live training sessions with exercises that test the learner, and activities that encourage her to engage with the lessons. These training modules involve the participant through deliberate practice, spaced repetition, tests and assessments, and ensure continued engagement.


PPT to Movie

We convert static slide-shows to dynamic self-contained movies with voice support.

We convert low-returns static course content into dynamic audio-visual learning material that is appealing, contemporary and effective with zero loss in context and relevance. If you have training content that is sitting idle, or has low engagement, we can help you make the change.

Customer testimonials and case studies

We make Customer Testimonials that establish credibility and trust for your organization.

Customer Testimonials set context and establish credibility. On websites and sales presentations testimonials and case studies complete the prospects experience by rounding off with customer experience and success report. We create Customer Testimonials that grab attention, establish brand positioning and create the right niche in the world of personalized communication and social media. With many years of experience, we create customized films that convey the desired message to the prospect.


Product Videos

Product videos explain your product at a fundamentally deep level. This has a two-fold benefit. It explains to prospective customers what it is, the application and benefits of your product. It explains to your sales personnel too, so that they may in turn convince a prospective customer of its benefits. Whether the product is an electronics household appliance, or an industrial machine, small or large, complex, elaborate, or extensive, video based visual explainers can demonstrate products in detail.